New A-Line Full Bridal Petticoat Crinoline Wedding Gown Slip (106DS

Style:106DS, This skirt is 40 inches long and has a drawstring waist that fits any size up to 34 inch waist. Double skirt of 100% bridal taffeta separated by three tiers (almost 60 yards) of tulle netting ruffles for added fullness.

This was a great price on a great crinoline. The drawstring fit is excellent, stays tied, fits changing/different sizes and who care is the drawstring isn't pretty, it's a slip, so it should be hidden. It was a bit bent out of shape when it got here, but that happens to tulle folded into a shipping box and should be expected by any reasonable and intelligent person. It's easy to fix, you just reach in and unfold the tulle and lay it down evenly, and then hang it up for a few days before wearing to let the wrinkles hang out. If that doesn't work, use a steaming tool to help you. If you don't have a steaming tool, throw it in the dryer on high heat with a very damp hand towel for 20 minutes, and remove immediately, shake the tulle down flat, place on a hanger, and fluff into desire shape. Many of the bad reviews I see for this item seem to be just people ignorant of how to care for this sort of item, so I thought I would give a quick "how-to" for future potential buyers. I bought this for my wedding dress, and since I know how to care for it, I am very happy with it. It does just as it looks like it will in the product picture. I will use this seller again; awesome!