50's Strapless Satin Long Gown Bridesmaid Prom Dress Holiday Formal Junior Plus Size

50's Strapless Satin Long Gown Bridesmaid Prom Dress Holiday Formal Junior Plus Size
It is VERY well made, especially for the price! It is equivilent to a $125-150 dress at Dillard's or a $200 dress at any bridal shop. The fabric is nice, thick, quality satin. The bodice is fully lined with boning in strategic areas to help provide that hourglass look as well as with holding the dress up on those "blessed" in the bust area. The skirt has a detached lining reaching to the floor with mesh material from about the knee down. The bow at the waist has 2 streamers hanging from it that are a foot long or so. It is easily detached (only held on with a few whip stitches) but we kept it on. The dress becomes plain without it. However, Im sure replacing it with a brooch of some sort or sash would be beautiful as well.
The dress comes with a sash/shoulder wrap that is about a foot wide and 4 feet long (give or take, i didnt measure it)and spaghetti straps to attach if needed. However, if you use the straps, they will have to be sewn on because there are no hooks on the dress. Also, another review mentions a loop on the sash to hook it to the dress. The loop is just there as a way to hang it on the hanger.

Before purchasing this dress, I read several reviews stating the dress is large in the bust, and they were right, kinda... I ordered 2 dresses for girls that are both pretty "busty"(size C-D cups). One girl is rather thin, and usually has to go up a size to allow room for her "girls", then take it up at the waist. However, I stuck to the sizing chart when ordering, and suggest everyone order accordingly. The dresses fit perfect everywhere but at the top seam of the dress. Each girl had plenty of room in the bust; however, the dress doesnt taper back in toward the shoulders as much as it should. This resulted in the top of the dress standing away from the chest and allowing anyone looking from above to see straight down into their "business". So, we put a "dart" on each side midway between their underarm and nipple (sorry, not trying to be x-rated, but best way to describe.) What I mean by "dart" is at the location mentioned we took about a 1/2 inch up. The "dart" goes down towards the floor at about a 45 degree angel and gradually takes up less material until there is nothing left to take up. It ended up about 2 1/2-3" long. This pulled the top of the dress flush to the girl chest and no longer allowed full visual access to all their business. It also flatters their bustline much more and allowed us to not have to use straps.
If you have a girl that is a bit small in the bust, the dart should still probably only be 3" long max, but you will begin with taking more than a 1/2 inch out of the dress. I believe they make it this way so most everyone will fit, but you may have to take it up on some. Trust me! Putting this dart in the very top is MUCH easier than redoing the entire bodice because they have big boobs. Especially since there is boning in the bodice.
I hope this helps and enjoy!!!!!!