Ball Gown Strapless Formal Prom Wedding Dress #2581
The dress has a built in crinoline slip to give it fullness. Once fluffed, it does give the dress good body. You may want a straight slip as you can feel some of the crinoline at the seam and if you have sensitive skin, it may irritate you.

The embellishments on the dress are mostly sequins and pearls with a rhinestone flower at the waistline. The sequins surprisingly give off a lot of sparkle and shine, but does not look as high end as straight crystals or rhinestones. Personally, I still found it beautiful, although I would have had doubts if someone would have said it was sequins before I saw it personally. Once seeing it, I have no regrets.

The removable straps and wraps are a nice bonus, although I am not sure if I will use either.

Plan to steam before wearing. Through the process of package and shipping, the dress comes a bit flat with a few wrinkles, but a few moments in the bathroom while you take a shower or a quick over with a small steamer should do the trick.