Nichkhun and Victoria Wedding Dress Designs
Korean Celebrities Picture

They are korean celebrity couples, they work as a group band from south korea, Nickhun is a member of the boyband "2PM" and Victoria is a member of the girlband "F(X)". They become lovers who are getting married, they joined the reality show "we'll get married". they began to know each other, then get married, live together, eat together and learn to look after the children.

Victoria and nickhun wedding dress design, they look like couples in Korean drama. victoria wedding dress looks very pretty, with 3 models a wedding dress, the first wedding dress in white and silver alloy with bridal flower and long silver and pink with a crown and a white short dress sexy.

Nickhun groom dresses also look good, nickhun 3 models wearing a suit, the first coat with white bow tie,  black color with a rose in right pocket and wearing a black suit but also a bow tie and white colors of white roses in his left.