Single Layer Ribbon Edge Veil

This elegant bridal veil has a 3/8" wide ribbon edge that beautifully outlines the edge of the veil. This bridal veil is made with higher quality tulle that is softer and drapes beautifully. We attach our veils with metal combs (instead of plastic) because they fit more securely and comfortably to the head. White Matches white wedding gowns. Diamond White Diamond white is just barely off white. In fact, when looking at a diamond white veil alone it looks white only when put up against a white veil can you tell the diamond white is actually just off white. Diamond white goes best with "natural" or slightly off-white gowns. Ivory Ivory veils go best with "candlelight", "off-white", or "ivory" gowns. Tip Every gown manufacturer is different when it comes to their colors. Sometimes it is hard to exactly match ivory and off-white wedding gowns. If there is any color variation between the dress and your veil -- you always want the veil to be a shade lighter (versus a shade darker) than your dress.